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Storm Summer, a young adult historical adventure, available from Smashwords.

And on Kindle


Ghosts, Monsters, and Men: Tales of the Supernatural is now available at Smashwords.

Download it here.

And in paperback from Amazon.

And here's a free story from the collection.


All Along the Pacific...

Originally published by Open Heart Press, this will be available as an ebook shortly.

A collection of short stories set in California, running from the years just after statehood to the 2000s.


Short Stories at Smashwords 


A new Langston Pierpont mystery is available at Smashwords!

A 1920s hardboiled detective story with a speculative twist. The first of the Langston Pierpont tales.

Download it now at Smashwords.

 Web site Credits

  • "The Trouble with Chips" at
  • "This Neighborhood," contemporary flash fiction, is archived at Flashquake.
  • "Da Hessians," historic flash fiction, is archived at The Copperfield Review.
  • "Turtles" is up at New Orleans architect  Susan Neely's Web site.
  • "To Wade Alone" took second place in the "First" contest from On the Premises.



Look for my story "Trouble Arrived" in the anthology Hellbore and Rue, available from Amazon.


 "Seeker," distopian science fiction, appears in The Things We Are Not, a collection of science fiction  from M-Brane.

Available directly from the publisher here.

Read the review from Rise Reviews. It says my story is "nicely put together...with plenty at stake."

Here is another review from Innsmouth Free Press.


 Past Credits:

  • In Heavy Metal Horror"The Curse of the Son of Fenrir."
  • "Tangwen's Last Heist" appeared in Pill Hill Press's Zero Gravity: Adventures in Deep Space. Deep space pirate gets mixed up in a political plot.
  • An Honest Lie Volume Two: Delusions of Insignificance. "Martina Gets the Last Word"
  • In An Honest Lie Volume One: Encouraging the Delinquency of Your Inner Child: "Gran's Prophecy."
  • "Schrodinger's Ghosts" appeared in the June 2010 "The Dean's Cat" issue of Thema.
  • "Europa" was a finalist in the Crossed Genres' Flash Fiction Contest
  • "Mars-side" appeared in issue seven of  Crossed Genres
  • 2009 Ellipsis. "Turtles." 
  • "Genesis 1.5." Magazine, volume one, issue one. Short story.
  • "Sacrifice." Cthulhu Sex, volume two, issue twenty-one (2005). Poem.
  • "Behind the Yellow Wallpaper." The Deconstruction Quarterly. Fall 2004. Short story.



  • 2010 Creative writing luncheon at Belle Chasse Academy.
  • 2010 EPICcon convention, March 5 through 7 2010.
  • 2009 National Day of Writing, Creative Writing Luncheon, Belle Chasse Academy
  • 2009 Fairhope Gulf Coast Creative Writing Teachers Association Conference. Read "To Wade Alone."
  • 2009 Graduate Reading, University of New Orleans. Read "Gran's Prophecy."

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